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Effective October 8, 2020: Phase 2 of the Berlin Phased Plan for On-Site Operations

News from Oct 07, 2020

Berlin’s traffic light warning system for the epidemic currently has two of its three lights on red, according to the latest coronavirus report from the State of Berlin. In light of the situation, the permanent secretary called a task force meeting with members from Berlin’s state government and universities, as is required by Berlin’s phased plan for on-site operations with pandemic-related protective measures at universities.

At the meeting, the members decided that starting tomorrow, Thursday, October 8, 2020, phase 2 of the phased plan will go into effect. The most immediate consequence of phase 2 is that you must wear a protective facemask while teaching or attending class in person or when conducting or taking an examination on site. A protective facemask covering mouth and nose must also be worn in libraries and in university offices in situations where several people are present in the office simultaneously. No additional changes or restrictions were agreed upon at this time.

Freie Universität is currently coordinating with the other universities and colleges in Berlin to decide if other measures are necessary. The task force is also evaluating possible steps to take in the near future.

We will keep you informed of details as they become available.

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