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The State of Berlin’s Phased Plan for Reintroducing Normal On-Site Operations with Pandemic-Related Protective Measures at Universities

News from Sep 24, 2020

Berlin’s Senate Chancellery released a phased plan for on-site operations – with pandemic-related protective measures in place – at state, private, and religiously affiliated universities and colleges on September 24, 2020. It outlines the principles that define which measures for teaching, administrative operations, and research at universities are to be enacted and upheld. The measures are intended to prevent infections from spreading, protect people against infection, and track and trace instances of infection. They include the requirement to wear a protective mask that covers the mouth and nose in areas of high traffic and common areas (such as hallways and foyers) on university premises.

The phased plan is designed to support universities and colleges in the state of Berlin in reacting quickly to a change in infection rates within the city in a well-coordinated manner and in a way that aligns with their own pandemic plans. It thus describes the processes that need to be set in motion in the event of an outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 at individual universities.

Provided that the situation surrounding the pandemic remains stable, the 2020/2021 winter semester will consist of a mixture of on-site and online teaching sessions at universities and colleges within the state of Berlin, whereby as many classes as possible will be held onsite.

Freie Universität Berlin’s coronavirus website is currently being updated with the latest information regarding this new plan and the changes to university operations that will become effective as of October 1, 2020.

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