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Information from the Personnel Division

News from Mar 18, 2020

We now find ourselves facing challenges that we must overcome together. We are aware of the responsibility we have for our employees and for the rest of society. In response to the many questions we have received over the last few days, we have prepared the following information for you. In light of the current situation and the dynamic implications it has, our primary goal is to immediately reduce social contact to a minimum in order to limit the risk of infection.

Working remotely

Until further notice, all employees should work remotely. The only exception are employees who are essential to on-site operations.

Please contact your direct supervisor or your department to make appropriate arrangements.

During this time, it is important to keep in contact either by phone or through other modes of communication. You should only show up to work in person if it is absolutely necessary and has been approved in advance by your supervisor.

As far as your working hours are concerned, they are the same as specified in your current employment agreement or as determined by prior individual arrangements. Please keep in mind Freie Universität Berlin’s regulations on working hours. In your employee time sheet, please write “Mobiles Arbeiten” (remote work) in the “Bemerkung” (comments) column. You do not need to enter check-in and check-out times.

The heads of departments and units will then send the personnel office a list of names at the end of the month, stating who worked remotely during this period.

Time off for vacation or compensatory hours

Supervisors have been asked to be very liberal with requests for vacation time off or for comp hours for overtime.

Caring for children and remuneration/compensation

You can find answers to questions about caring for children and receiving remuneration or compensation under the FAQs for employees.

Organizational changes in the personnel division to keep operations running

This information is only available on the personnel division’s website for people with access to the university’s secure internal networks, either directly through Freie Universität’s own networks or via VPN.

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