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Examinations and minimal on-site operations

News from Mar 19, 2020

The Senate Chancellery Higher Education and Research together with Freie Universität Berlin, the other Berlin universities, and non-university research institutions has agreed on further measures and restrictions to help contain the coronavirus. At the same time, efforts are underway at Freie Universität to make it possible for students to continue their studies during the summer semester 2020.

  1. Examinations:
    Starting Thursday, March 19, 2020, and until further notice, in-person assessments will no longer take place. In-person assessments will need to be done in a different format or at a later point in time. Regulations on taking State Exams (Staatsexamina) will be established and communicated by the state-level examinations offices.
    Deadlines set for final theses required to complete bachelor’s, master’s or “Diplom” degree programs have been disrupted between March 12, 2020, and whenever normal coursework resumes (at the earliest May 11, 2020). That means that deadlines that fall within this period cannot apply as they would under normal circumstances. As soon as normal coursework resumes – with library access restored and use of university computers – students will be given a new deadline that allows them the full time to complete the original assessment, so that they do not incur any negative consequences due to these disruptions.
  2. Minimal on-site operations:
    Starting at the end of the day on Friday (March 20, 2020), work at Freie Universität will be reduced to minimal on-site operations. During this time, departments, central institutes, administrative divisions, and other units at Freie Universität will need to make appropriate arrangements.
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