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Information for Freie Universität Students Studying Abroad or Planning a Stay Abroad

If you are doing an internship abroad through Erasmus+ or organized your own study abroad, e.g., through the PROMOS program, and have questions about the current situation, please contact the appropriate contact persons for your program in the Student Mobility Office or the Career Service Office: www.fu-berlin.de/studium/international

At the moment we are working under the assumption that many Erasmus+ exchanges planned for the academic year will be able to take place. But we also anticipate that many students will have to cancel or postpone their study abroad plans. If you have any concerns about studying abroad, then please get in touch with the central Erasmus+ team for outgoing students via email at outgoing-erasmus@fu-berlin.de.

Students who canceled their study abroad plans entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic should contact the central Erasmus+ team for outgoing students at outgoing-erasmus@fu-berlin.de if they incurred costs in preparation for a trip that they never took (for example, deposit payments for accommodations or travel expenses that were not refunded). We will evaluate each case individually to see if it is possible to reimburse some or all of the costs through the Erasmus+ program.

The central mobility team is already in contact with students who plan to participate in a direct exchange or the Erasmus+ weltweit program. They are doing their best to help students make their study abroad plans possible.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions at auslstud@fu-berlin.de or erasmusworld@fu-berlin.de

These programs are currently subject to restrictions. If you want to apply for PROMOS funding, you can find more information at www.fu-berlin.de/promos.

If you want to apply for an Erasmus internship abroad, you can find all the information you need at www.fu-berlin.de/erasmus-praktikum.

When making your plans please consult the German Federal Foreign Office’s travel warnings.

More information on the impact of travel warnings for internships and study abroad.

The German Federal Foreign Office has issued travel warnings related to Covid-19 for many countries and regions. The warnings caution against travel to certain regions if the purpose of travel is not completely necessary, such as tourist trips. Travel for study abroad programs or internships abroad, however, does not count as tourism.

If you have been accepted to a partner university, an internship abroad, or a language course/specialized course, or if you are planning on undertaking another type of self-organized trip abroad outside of an institutional framework as part of your studies (e.g., fieldwork, preparation for a thesis or research paper), you can decide to take part at your own risk.

Please be sure to read the country-specific advisories issued by the German Federal Foreign Office carefully, as there may be special conditions on travel to your destination (e.g., mandatory quarantine). These may entail additional costs. If you are a German citizen, please register to be on the crisis management list. The German Federal Foreign Office has announced that it will no longer be organizing emergency flights to repatriate German citizens if the situation further deteriorates. The costs for return flights, cancellation fees, etc. will have to be borne by the travelers themselves in such cases.

Certain study abroad scholarship programs might not be able to provide funding when travel warnings have been issued, for example, DAAD programs. If you were planning to study abroad with financial support, please contact the appropriate person in the Student Mobility Office or your scholarship sponsor to find out more about the current policies.

Please check the relevant country page on the German Federal Foreign Office website regularly to keep up to date with entry requirements for your destination country, bearing in mind that these can change on short notice.