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Proof of Vaccination, Negative Tests, or Recovery (3G Rule) for Attending Classes or Taking Exams in Person / Attendance Lists

On the basis of Berlin’s Third SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance, and as a further measure to contain the spread of the ongoing pandemic, Freie Universität Berlin requires anyone taking a class or an exam on Freie Universität’s campus to have proof of a negative coronavirus test. This rule applies to all students who have not yet been fully vaccinated or have not fully recovered from Covid-19 (known as the “3G rule” in Germany).

Attendance lists must also be maintained for in-person classes and exams. The different departments will utilize the appropriate systems to document attendance, such as electronic systems. Please note that you are required to provide accurate personal data to this end.

1. If you want to participate in an in-person class or exam format, you will be required to provide one of the three following documents (known as the “3G rule” in Germany):

a) Proof of full vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine approved for use within the EU. At least 14 days need to have passed since administration of the second vaccine for a person to be considered fully vaccinated. Proof can take the form of a vaccination card or a digital vaccination certificate. You can find further information here; or
b) Proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen test (no older than 24 hours) or PCR test (no older than 48 hours); or
c) Proof of recovery from Covid-19 by presenting a positive PCR test result, no less than 28 days old, no older than six months.

2. For students who have not recovered from Covid-19 or are not fully vaccinated: Students attending campus on several days in the week may only take part in courses, practical teaching formats, and exams in person if they are able to present proof of a negative test at least twice a week, with the test having been conducted on two non-consecutive days. Students who attend only one in-person course or event in a week must present only one negative test result, conducted within the appropriate time frame.

3. Please get tested at one of Berlin’s certified testing centers.

4. There is also a certified testing center on Freie Universität’s campus, where you can get tested.

5. Even if your test results are negative, you still need to comply with all applicable protective and hygiene measures, including keeping your distance from others and wearing an approved mask.

6. If you test positive, you are not allowed to conduct activity in person on campus and should quarantine yourself in accordance with state regulations. If your positive results came from a rapid antigen test, please request a PCR test at one of the certified testing centers to ensure that your results are accurate.

7. If you do test positive and were on campus for an in-person class or exam within the last 48 hours, please contact your instructor or department immediately. They will then take steps to identify and contact other people who might have been exposed to you. (See Freie Universität’s reporting procedure)