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University Sports Center

As of June 2, 2020, the University Sports Center is offering outdoor sports again under special conditions that adhere to hygiene regulations and physical contact rules: https://www.hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de/news/Outdoor-Sportprogramm.html (in German)

Starting August 3, 2020, some indoor sports activities that do not involve physical contact will be offered again – with the necessary precautions of course: https://www.hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de/news/20-07-07-Vorschau.html (in German)

The University Sports Center will continue to offer its alternative online sports program: https://www.buchsys.de/fu-berlin/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/_UniSport___HOME-Ticket.html (in German)

No, the KRAFTKLUB gym is closed for the time being. Gym memberships will be automatically extended to compensate for the time the gym was closed.