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Hints for a Successful Application

1) Do not delete the e-mail history of your correspondence with the FUB Beijing Office.

2) Make sure your application fits the project that you would like to apply for. Concentrate on the questions in the project  description. Do not try to "make a topic fit", that you would like to work on, but which has hardly anything to do with the  project as the professor describes it in the offer.

3) The letters of recommendation have to:

  • be on official paper sheets of the respective university.
  • have the professors' university adress at the top of the page.
  • carry the professors' signature and seal.

Forging a letter of recommendation leads to disqualification.

4) Make sure that your documents all together not exceed the size of 5 MB.  

5) Send us your abstract of Master thesis in English.

6) The title of your Master thesis should be seen on your Curriculum Vitae.