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Application Procedure for PhD Studies at Freie Universität Berlin

Application procedure (FUB – CSC PhD Program)

The application and evaluation process for CSC candidates is coordinated by the Beijing Office of Freie Universität Berlin. All inquiries concerning the FUB – CSC Program and open positions should be sent in the first process only to FUB-Beijing Office (not to the professor!) to beijing3@zedat.fu-berlin.de (Ms. Juna KUEHN).

In order to become a PhD student at Freie Universität Berlin in the framework of the FUB – CSC PhD Program two applications are necessary:

1. Application for the offered position, submitted to Beijing Office of FUB

  • Apply to Beijing Office for one of the positions offered by a professor of FUB.
    [Please note! Apply only for a research project if your academic background meets the description of the offer!]

  • The application should be submitted ONLY to beijing3@zedat.fu-berlin.de (Ms. Juna KUEHN).

  • Application deadline for PhD Studies: January 4, 2016.
  • Beijing Office will check and evaluate the application and forward it to the respective professor. The professor will contact the candidates who submitted a complete application. After interviewed by the professor who offered the position, the final decision about the acceptance is made by the professors of Freie Universität according to the academic qualification. We inform the applicants at latest mid of February about the decisions.

     [Please note: Be patient and don’t contact the professor before the decision is made.That’s helpful.]

  • In case the professor accepts the PhD candidate, he/she contacts the PhD candidate to discuss the research proposal which is required for the second process, the CSC application.

  • Freie Universität Berlin (Centre for International Cooperation) will issue the invitation letter for the accepted PhD candidates. The invitation letter is necessary for the application to a CSC scholarship and will be passed to the students by the FUB-Beijing Office end of February, 2016.

  • All accepted PhD candidates who submitted their complete application to the FUB-Beijing Office and were accepted by a professor will be listed on the official nomination list of the FUB – CSC Program which will be handed in to the CSC by the FUB-Beijing Office.
List of documents Freie Universität Berlin requires from applicants:

2. Application submitted to CSC (end of March – beginning of April):

  • This is a separate application process which is handled only by the CSC. In case you have questions concerning the CSC scholarship, please contact the CSC directly.
  • Apply under the framework of the FUB – CSC Program (otherwise, you are not a member of the program and cannot profit by its benefits)
  • The invitation letter issued by the Freie Universität Berlin (See above, No. 1) is required for the scholarship application to the CSC in the framework of the FUB – CSC PhD Program. For the exact application period of CSC scholarships (usually: March 20 – April 5), please refer to the CSC homepage: www.csc.edu.cn/Chuguo/Default.aspx?cid=13
  • Confirmation of the scholarship awardees of the CSC will be announced at latest end of May 2016.
  • Successful scholarship holders start their research stay in Berlin in September 2016.