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Two Ways of PhD Studies at Freie Universität Berlin (FUB)

1. Individual PhD studies

under the direct supervision of one professor who is an expert in a given research area ("Apprentice Model").

The PhD student could be described as research assistant who works independently in a certain field of research. At present, the vast majority of German and international doctoral students at Freie Universität Berlin follow this model. Basically, every professor of Freie Universität can supervise PhD candidates.

The FUB - CSC PhD Program is arranged for that kind of individually supervised PhD students and offers certain PhD projects of professors in a wide range of subject areas.

2. Structured PhD Programs

There is a variety of Graduate Schools (GS) or Research Training Groups (RTG) focusing on interdisciplinary research. PhD education is offered in a certain training program.

  • Some PhD programs are offered by Graduate Schools, jointly organized by Berlin universities (FU Berlin, TU Berlin, HU Berlin) i.e. “Berlin Mathematical School”.
  • Questions will be answered directly by the program coordinators in Berlin.
  • Applications for Graduate Schools and RTG should be submitted directly to the structured programs in Berlin, not to the FUB-Beijing Office.

For the List of Structured PhD Programs at Freie Universität Berlin, please click here.

The two possibilities correspond to two different ways of perfoming PhD studies. Please read the section on General Information About PhD Studies at Freie Universität Berlin for details.

NOTE: The doctoral degree/PhD degree awarded is the same for both ways of doctoral studies!