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European Master in Intercultural Education

News from Mar 14, 2013


Our programme is for all those who want to work in school and non-school pedagogical settings and are interested in dealing with the theory and practice of intercultural education. It is a hands-on programme which enables its graduates to analyse social relations of dominance and diff erence and tries — together with the aff ec ted people and groups — to demonstrate alternative ways of action in these situations and shape educational processes accordingly. The programme’s contents convey a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of intercultural pedagogy as well as of migration and education in immigrant societies. This includes theories of language acquisition and multilingualism. The consequences of language policies for social practice will be refl ected. As consequences of racism, sexism, and other forms of group-focused enmity, processes of exclusion will be investigated as challenges for pedagogic practice in order to make possible processes of inclusion for disadvantaged groups.

Within our project phase, students are able to enhance their theories and methods of intercultural education in a practical way.

Occupational Field

The programme functions as an additional qualifi cation in the management of intercultural education with the key areas consequences of migration, anti-discrimination, as well as the competency to teach language in migrational contexts. The qualifi cations earned in the programme enable our students mainly for independent work, leading positions in educational institutions, (inter)national state and non-state organisations.

Programme Structure

1. Term  
Module 1 Scientific Approach and Methods
Module 2 Migration and Multicultural Societies
Module 3 Education, Language Aquisition and Language

Teaching in Multicultural Societies

Module 4 Exclusion, Marginality, Discrimination and

Racism as Pedagogical Challanges

2. Term  
Module 5 Project
Module 6 Master Thesis


  • Bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS) or any other degree of at least 3 years of full-time study
  • German Language skills (TestDaF level 3, DSH-1)


  • 2900 € for the programme
  • 280,90 € per term (incl. ticket for public transport)

Application Deadline

  • 30 April 2013

Contact and Further Informationn

  • Coordination:

Christina Ayazi

Email: christina.ayazi@fu-berlin.de

Phone: + 49 (0)30 838-56329

  • Website:

http://www.fu-berlin.de/em-ice (also in English)

  • Address:

Freie Universität Berlin

AB Interkulturelle Erziehungswissenschaft

Habelschwerdter Allee 45

14195 Berlin