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PhD Scholarship-Friedrich Schlegel Graduiertenschule (FSGS)-Literary Studies

News from Nov 10, 2017

The Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies was established as part of the German Universities Excellence Initiative. The school offers an environment for the supervision of theoretically and conceptually distinguished dissertations that investigate texts of European, American, Arabic or Asian origin within a historical or inter/transcultural framework.

In 2018 the graduate school will award:

• Up to 10 doctoral positions with a duration of three to four years.

• Up to 6 project scholarships with a duration of 10 months.

The doctoral studies programme begins on 1 October. The doctoral positions are coupled with a travel budget and allow for funding requests to be made to the school’s board for academic events. All applicants must provide proof of financial support via a scholarship or academic post (at the latest by June 2018).

The project scholarships support master’s students in developing a doctoral dissertation exposé with the goal of obtaining PhD funding. They begin in May/June. International students are strongly encouraged to apply.

The deadline for applications is 15 December 1017.

The online portal for applications will open on 06 November 2017.

The doctoral programme “Literaturwissenschaftliche Studien – Literary Studies” offers PhD students with an outstanding degree in literary studies (MA or equivalent) a structured program with intensive individual supervision.

The primary working language is German. Further information and details for online application: www.fsgs.fu-berlin.de/bewerbung

Download: Flyer of the PhD program