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Summer School “The Rhetoric(s) of Literary Studies” - Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

News from Mar 03, 2017

Date: 23.–30. 7. 2017

Organiser: Freie Universität Berlin, Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

Application deadline 26 March 2017

Rhetoric, the power of the word, is a central concern of literary studies and of the humanities in general. What Quintilian termed the science of speaking well, constitutes a fundamental element common of all engagements with texts and linguistic objects, whether in terms of narrative or discursive structures, strategies of persuasion or representation,or cultural and historical perspectives on the use of terms and concepts. Rhetoric could be seen as justifying the existence of academic disciplines: literary studies and the humanities define themselves with reference to rhetoric, and the use of rhetorical patterns and strategies is also a natural condition of the texts and positions they produce. A focus on the linguistic form and composition of thought is a constitutive part of both literary theoretical work and that of its objects. This will be the subject of the summer school “The Rhetoric(s) of Literary Studies.”

The summer school is aimed at international doctoral students, postdocs and advanced master’s students in literary studies and the humanities for whose research interests questions of rhetoric are central. This workshop is hence not limited to students working in the fields of American or German studies, but also encourages students from related philological fields such as Slavic, Arabic or Japanese studies to apply. The selection of texts to be discussed will be in English and German and discussions will also be conducted in both English and German. As such, participants are expected to possess advanced reading and listening comprehension in both languages. In the second section, participants will be requested to present their own projects and questions for discussion in relation to rhetoric in small groups. Participants may present their project in English or German.

Contact rebecca.mak@fu-berlin.de

Download: Summer School of Rhetoric(s) of Literary Studies Flyer