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Internships as a Recruiting Tool

For Businesses, internships are an outstanding opportunity for accessing and promoting qualified young talents early on. Often, students bring forward innovative ideas and give fresh impetus for established workflows. With sensible placement and good supervision, interns strengthen a business’s workforce in daily operations or specific projects.

Focus on Learning

Internships make an important contribution to students’ professional orientation and qualification. Internships should therefore focus on the aim of training and educating students. Good training and familiarization, guidance, and supervision are a matter of course, and all are part of a specialized internship.

Internship Information for Businesses

Hiring interns ties up business resources and must be prepared in terms of organization, legal requirements and insurance. For businesses with little or no experience in hiring interns, we have compiled several links providing information (in German) on advantages and disadvantages as well as on the legal framework:

Framework Conditions for Study-Related Internships

Specialized internships during university studies are given a high priority in the academic education at Freie Universität Berlin. Bachelor’s programs include obligatory internships, which are integrated into the course of study.
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