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Volunteer Activities in Organized Refugee Aid



Freie Universität Berlin’s program Welcome@FUBerlin was established in October 2015 and aims at helping refugees by facilitating access to study programs as well as to actively foster volunteer activities by students, employees, and scholars. The program intends that students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs have the chance to earn academic credit for volunteer activities in the field of refugee aid, provided that certain conditions are met. The departments currently discuss the actual implementation of this measure.

The requirements comply with those of an ABV internship:

  • Contact the ABV / internship representative responsible for you and enquire whether and to what extent your volunteer activities are eligible for credit.
  • Get started! You are not sure, where your help is needed? We are currently assembling a list of contact points for you.
  • Make sure your activities get confirmed on the spot in order to be able to prove your volunteer hours. We have prepared a sample confirmation that you can use. Take good care of your proof!
  • Register for the internship module (5, 10, or 15 credits) via Campus Management and sign up for an internship colloquium. Note: You can also do this later on, e.g. in the following summer semester. In case you have any questions, send an email to careerservice@fu-berlin.de.
  • Hand in the confirmation of your volunteer activities along with your internship report at the Career Service when you wish to complete the internship module

Further Information

Follow the links to our German Website for further information on the recognition of volunteer activities (in German):