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Searching and Obtaining Literature Relevant to the Study of Japanese Studies

This introduction is divided in two parts. First, during a tour of the Campus Library, you are shown the essentials concerning services provided and the particular methods involved in the display of the media in the Library according to classification. In the second part, the crucial sources relevant to Japanese Studies (especially printed sources) are presented, the lecturer will show how to use them and what the special value of each of these particular sources is. In a next step, several examples of the use of different query strategies in the library portal are presented with special attention given to requirements in literature search using the Japanese writing system. The lecturer will introduce you to the databases licensed to Freie Universität Berlin that can be relevant for work on social, cultural, and literary topics within Japanese Studies. Finally, the crucial Japanese search instruments and bibliographical sources are discussed and possibilities of national and international interlibrary loan are dealt with.

If you are interested, please turn to Frau Dr. Theresia Berenike Peucker.

E-mail: peucker@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Furthermore, our specialized library staff will offer a course „Hilfsmittel und Recherchemethoden der Japanologie“ within the general-professional-skills program (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, ABV) in the sommer term of 2016.