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Photocopies – Printing – Scans

Devices – MensaCard

In the Campus Library, there are multi-purpose devices provided by the private company Ricoh for copying, printing and scanning.

The devices in particular:

Six multi-purpose devices on ground level (photocopy-machine room accessible from the passage between older and new part of the building)

One overhead scanner on level 0 (older part of the building)

One overhead scanner on every level of the new part of the building.

MensaCards function as copy cards. They are obtainable from the canteens and cafeterias upon deposit of € 1.55. You can top them up yourself using card chargers located at the canteens and cafeterien, or you can have them topped up at the cash desks there. If a MensaCard is lost or damaged, it can be blocked, provided the card number is known. A visitor's MensaCard is obtainable from the card machine close to the entrance of the Silberlaube canteen (Mensa FU II). You can also return your card there and instantly collect the amount of money left on the card.

Cash payment of copy services is possible Monday through Frida from 13:00 to 16:30 when there is a Ricoh employee  on duty at the cpoy-service point.

If any problems occur with printing or copying, you can ask us or turn directly to Ricoh:

Ricoh at the Philological Library

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Philologische Bibliothek
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12:00 to 17:00                  
Tel.: (030) 843 14 795
E-mail: printcenter-FUB@service.ricoh.de

Price list for services provided by Ricoh copy print @nd more

These are the prices for scans, photocopies, prints and other services on Ricoh Deutschland devices at the Freie Universität Berlin (selected):

Scans – Prints – Photocopies*

Price oer piece

(gross price)**

Scan to USB storage device in DIN A5 to DIN A3 format
(overhead scanner or multi-purpose device; color or black-and-white)
0.04 €
Print from scanner
(scan on overhead canner oder multi-purpose device;
print to multi-purpose device, black-and-white, on white 80g DIN A4 paper)
0.05 €
Print DIN A4 (from notebook, from thin client, from PC pool***, or  from USB device)
(black-and-white, on white 80g DIN A4 paper)
0.05 €
Photocopy DIN A4
(black-and-white, on white 80g DIN A4 paper)
0.05 €
Photocopy DIN A3 / print DIN A3
(black-and-white, on white 80g DIN A3 paper)
0.10 €
Color Photocopy / color print
(color, on white 80g DIN A4 paper)
0.30 €

Ricoh service-point employees will give you information on prices for other services.


Scans from the overhead scanners can be saved to USB devices or loaded to the print server and printed on any Ricoh machine, using MensaCard for payment.


Printing from notebooks

Software for printing from users' notebooks (printer driver for various operating systems) is provided by Ricoh on the company server for download free of charge. (We recommend Mozilla Firefox for downloading the software.)

Printing from search terminals

In order to send a print job, all you need to do is

- confirm the settings that are predefined on the thin clients in QPilot-Drucker SW*
- enter your MensaCard number (without the zero at the beginning) and
- confirm the document name.**

Double-sided printing on DIN A4 paper is standard on all devices. Those settings can be changed to one-sided in the printing menu with no extra charge.

In order to actually print your document, place your MensaCard on the reader next to one of the Ricoh multi-purpose devices, select the document to print, and activate the print job.

A short instruction is downloadable here: http://www.ub.fu-berlin.de/service_neu/kopieren/Ricoh_FU_Anleitung_drucken.pdf

All scan and print jobs are collected on a server that the provider has assigned to the Freie Universität library system. That way, you can accumulate the jobs and can activate them at any Ricoh multi-purpose device in any library in the Freie Universität Library System (follow-me print). Print jobs will be saved for approximately three days so that a job of Friday will still be there on Monday morning. The printing fee will not be deducted from your MensaCard before you activate the print job.

Further information: