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Carrel for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

The carrel for blind and visually impaired users is carrel 43 on level 3 of the older part of the building.

This is the equipment provided:

- Windows 7, earphones

- Screen-reading software JAWS 16

- Keyboard with braille display

- Scanner: Canon LIDE 220, OCR application: ABBYY FineReader 12,

- Screen reader Optelec ClearView C.

Printer services are provided by a private company, Ricoh.

If you want to use the carrel, please turn to the Information Desk. You will need to identify yourself and leave a deposit.

The time of one session is four hours. It can be extended unless other users request the carrel in the meantime.

Please turn to Frau Dr. Peucker with all pertinent questions at this e-mail address: peucker@zedat.fu-berlin.de.