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Loan Conditions

In typical department-library fashion, there are more or less extensive restrictions on circulation for various parts of the Campus Library's holdings:

Books, journals and items that are labeled Präsenzbestand in the catalog are intended for use on site only and are excluded from loan. All of those items have a red stripe on the shelf-number labels.

Books with double red stripes on the shelf-number labels can be taken out on loan only by academic staff of the departments served by the Campus Library. When such items are out on loan, students, users working on their doctorates, and Freie Universität Berlin institutes can place recall requests to use such items in the Library for five days.

Books that are labeled Beschränkte Ausleihe or Beschränkte Magazinausleihe in the catalog can be taken out by Freie Universität Berlin members. They have white shelf-number labels.

Books that are labeled Selbstausleihe in the catalog can be taken out on loan for two weeks. They are marked with a green stripe on the shelf-number labels. Renewals for such items are possible up to a maximum loan time of six weeks, unless they are requested by other users. (The same conditions apply to mathematics books with old shelf-number labels, even though not green, but white).

Books that belong to the Textbook Collection are also labeled Selbstausleihe in the catalog. Freie Univesität Berlin students can take them out on loan for four weeks, two renewals being allowed. Textbook Collection shelf-number labels are green.

For a detailed table showing the loan conditions, go here: Ausleihkonditionen im Detail (German).

In order to take out books, you need a Freie Universität Berlin student card or a Freie Universität Berlin library card. Users with registered living addresses in Berlin or Brandenburg can register for library services with valid identification (Personalausweis or passport in combination with official proof of resicence) in order to be permitted to take items out on loan.

Library cards will be issued Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 16:00.

Please turn to the staff at the Circulation desk with all questions concerning Circulation, or write to:

Hold Requests

You can request books that are out on loan by placing a hold request in Primo. You will be notified by e-mail or by letter, when the item is ready for you to pick it up. The item will be kept on hold for you for five working days.

Requests from Closed Stacks

Books and journal volumes labeled Magazinbestand or Außenmagazin in the Catalog are stored in closed stacks. They have to be transported to the library by staff. Items will be delivered to the Circulation Desk in time for you to pick them up on the next day (except Saturday and Sunday). Delivered items will be kept on hold at the Circulation Desk for five working days for you to use in the library or to take out on loan.