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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to apply for a carrel, you need to meet two conditions: 1, you are officially working on a master's oder doctoral thesis, or you are a visiting scholar, and 2, your discipline is served by the Campus Library.

You can request books from the closed stacks through Primo, if you are logged in: Click on "Hold" and confirm your request. You can monitor your requests in your user account. When a book has been pulled and is waiting for you to pick it up, its status changes from "requested" to "on hold."

Yes: In order to do so, download the pertinent driver for your operating system from the Ricoh Deutschland website.

Open the file that you want to print at one of the thin clients in the library; select black-and-white or color print; make alle other desired settings in the relevant dialog; confirm with "Okay". A box will pop up, prompting you to enter your MensaCard/Campuscard number.

Then go to any multifunction device with your MensaCard/Campuscard, find "Drucker" in the main menu, and select your file.

Ricoh, a private company, has set up black-and-white as well as color printers on level 3 of the older part of the building, not far through the glass door. A MensaCard is required in order to make copies.



Books can be left in a pile on the desk, but that does not apply to non-lending books (books with red stickers). Leave a note on the desk with the date on it and with the request to keep the books on the desk. The books will not be put back for two days; you can prolong the "storage" by writing a new note.

Group study rooms can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours three times per week. Please turn to the information desk; you will be required to present your student card.

Yes. Simly click on the "Hold" link next to the title. Then confirm. The item will show up in your account in the "Requests" section.

If you have registered your e-mail address, you will receive a notification when the item you placed a hold on is checked in.

As member of a university that uses Eduroam, you can connect to eduroam with your device.

Also, if you have a ZEDAT account, you can use one of a limited number of computers available in the Library.

For other users of the Library, no access to the Internet is currently available.

By request (auskunft@campusbib.fu-berlin.de or tel. (030) 838-56384) and in the first weeks of each term.

Psychology journals (shelf numbers CL 1000 ff.) and education journals (shelf numbers DA 1000 ff) are placed in the open stacks, on level 0 in the older part of the building.

For technical reasons, the open stacks are currently not accessible; please turn to the staff at the Circulation and Information Desk.

If you are a Freie Universität student, your student card is at the same time your library card.

If you are an external user, you can get a library card from the Circulation desk, provided you have an official living address in Berlin or Brandenburg. You are required to present a pertinent document and identification with a photograph.

Academic staff including professors can have their accounts implemented Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 16:00.

Books that are labeled "Selbstausleihe 2 Wochen", "Selbstausleihe 4 Wochen" and "Lehrbuchausleihe"can be taken out on loan by all Freie Universität members. External users can take out books that are labeled "Selbstausleihe 4 Wochen" only. Guests are not allowed to take books out. For more detailed information on loans, please turn to the circulation desk.

See: https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/sites/campusbib/services/Ausleihe_Vormerkungen/index.html

The use of the library is free of charge, but if items are handed in overdue or if items are borrowed via interlibrary Loans, there are fees to pay.

For more information please see https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/sites/ub/service/gebuehren/index.html

There are three special areas in the Library that are distinguished by special location marks on the books: China, Japan, and Korea. The same classification system, RVK, that is used for the unified display of all other holdings in the Library is also used within each of these special areas. The reason for using location marks is that each of these regional-studies areas is in itself very heterogeneous so that books would have to be spread all over the library if they were integrated into the unified display.

There are card chargers located near the main canteen ("Mensa") entrance.

If you are logged in, but an online resource is not working, check the tab Weitere Services pertinent to that resource in order to see what its current accessibility status is.

The terms and conditions for the use of individual online resources are different because of different licenses. You will find more information about terms and conditions for the use of online resources on the University Library website:


FU students: A password change can only be done by changing your ZEDAT password at the ZEDAT-Portal.

All other users change passwords in the Primo account under My Account > Personal settings.

FU students your login in Primo and for the inter-library loan: is the same as your ZEDAT password.

For all other users who registered before 2017: the initial password for Primo is the birth date in ddmmyy format.

For all other users who registered after January 2017: the initial password for Primo is the birth date in ddmmyy format + the first letter of the familiy name (in capital letter)+"!"

The password for the self-issue machine is your postal code.

FU students: please turn to the ZEDAT-Benutzerservice.

All other users: please turn to the circulation desk; you will be required to present valid identification.

Items categorized as rare materials ("Rara") cannot be requested through Primo. An application to obtain such materials must be submitted in writing.

Rara materials are delivered only on presentation of an official identification document and on completion of a form that records delivery and return; users are given an instruction sheet.

Please note: Rara items can be used from 09:00 to 16:00 at the Rara Desk only.


You can return books through the returns machine inside the library. And, of course, you can return books to the staff at the Circulation Desk.

If you are enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin, your user status is: Student.

If you work at Freie Universität Berlin and have presented a pertinent document of certification at the Circulation Desk (e. g. your working contract), your user status is: University staff.

If you are not a Freie Universität Berlin member, but have an official living address in Berlin or Brandenburg, your user status is: External user. That is also your status if you are a student, but not enrolled at Freie Universität.

Without an address in Berlin or Brandenburg your user status is: Guest.

The textbook collection is located on level -1 (basement level) of the new part of the building.

On level 4 of the older part of the building.

Close to the elevators, on all levels of the new part of the building.