CFP Summer Workshop July 6-8 - Deadline: March 1, 2020 Alone Together: Alienation and Reconciliation

News from Feb 03, 2020

Has it been, will it be, or is it even possible to be both alone and together? The challenges of individuals, cultures, and countries to be “alone” and “together” have existed historically in various, often complex ways. Yet the challenge of being “alone together” is now more pressing than ever. What dangers, and what opportunities—at home and abroad, real and imagined—can we identify to these ends in Germany and German-speaking communities? How can attention to the themes of alienation and reconciliation in their myriad forms shed light on these questions? Read more.

Program Committee: Dr. Deborah Barton | Université de Montréal; Dr. Jeremy DeWaal | University of Exeter; Karin Goihl | Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin Program; Dr. Thomas O. Haakenson | California College of the Arts; Dr. Carol Hager | Bryn Mawr College  

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