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Program Structure



Bachelor’s programs at Freie Universität Berlin are typically designed to last for six semesters (180 credits). There are two types of bachelor’s program: the mono bachelor (Mono-Bachelor) and combined bachelor (Kombinations-Bachelor). Each type of bachelor’s program is supplemented by 30 credits of general professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, or ABV). When students are pursuing combinations of subjects toward a teaching credential, they take teaching credential-related professional skills courses (Lehramtsbezogene Berufswissenschaft, or LBW) instead of the general professional skills courses. At present, the university is planning to add a number of four-year bachelor’s programs that include an integrated year of study abroad.

With one exception in the teacher training programs, the consecutive master’s programs are structured to last four semesters (120 credits). Many of them are distinguished by the links they maintain with other research institutions in the region, both within and outside of a university context, and with international partners. The master’s programs are aligned to the research emphases of the individual disciplines, the requirements that apply to junior scholars, and the requirements of the labor market.

Freie Universität also offers a number of continuing education programs toward the master’s degree. These programs are aimed at students who already have professional experience. The programs may last two, three, or four semesters, and they cover a broad spectrum of topics. Many of them have a heavy international focus. Like some of the consecutive master’s programs, some of the continuing education programs are bilingual (German/English) or are offered completely in English.

Dahlem Research Schoolwas established as a university-wide platform to promote structured doctoral studies. It helps doctoral students from within its member programs arrange for research abroad and attend international conferences and offers a range of both academic and practical courses.