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Basic Information

On June 19, 1999, the education and research ministers of 29 European countries met to sign the Bologna Declaration, committing to the aim of creating a common European higher education area by the year 2010.

Goals of the Bologna Process

  • Introduction of a system of internationally recognized, comparable degrees and diplomas

  • Introduction of a three-cycle study system

  • Introduction of a credit system similar to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

  • Promoting mobility

  • Promoting European cooperation in quality assurance

  • Promoting the specifically Europe-related dimensions of the field of higher education

  • Lifelong learning

  • Encouraging participation by higher education institutions and students; accommodation of the social dimension of the Bologna Process

  • Ensuring that doctoral programs are included in the process

To evaluate the progress made toward reaching these goals, and to further develop and refine the process itself, the ministers of education and research of the now 45 countries participating in the process hold follow-up conferences every two years.