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Services Provided by Freie Universität Libraries During Period of Coronavirus-Related Restrictions



Update from June 4, 2021: The libraries at Freie Universität Berlin resumed lending services for members of Freie Universität! External users also have the opportunity to lend media at some library locations!

News from Jun 04, 2021

Our services for you:

  • Members of Freie Universität Berlin and external users have the opportunity to borrow media in individual libraries. Please refer to our information page.
  • A limited number of workspaces is available to FU members and external users after prior booking. Please refer to our Library Guide Information Page.
  • The usual copy services are offered.

  • Material not available in the FU libraries can be ordered via interlibrary loan by registered users. Copy orders will be sent electronically until July 31, 2021.

  • We are offering courses in digital format.
  • In order to facilitate the digital winter semester, we have increased the scale of our acquisition of literature in electronic format. Please continue to submit your suggestions through the purchase suggestion form.
  • Electronic thesis submisson is still available.
  • You can still submit applications for funding towards APCs for publications in open-access journals and books. Please check out the advice on online publishing on Refubium, the Freie Universität repository.
  • Click here for information on the United Nations and European Union Documentation Center.
  • The book-drops for returns next to the University Library main entrance will remain open.
  • Returns by post are also possible.
  • We may be working from home, but we are at your service:
    E-mail: auskunft@ub.fu-berlin.de (Central Information Desk)
    E-mail: ausleihe@ub.fu-berlin.de (Circulation Desk)

Please take note of the information provided by Freie Universität concerning everyday teaching, learning, and working matters with respect to the coronavirus situation, including information and advice, which is regularly being updated.

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