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Information on Holiday Closing Times 2020/21

The libraries are now providing lending services again.

The libraries are now providing lending services again.

Update from January 13, 2021: The libraries at Freie Universität Berlin resumed lending services for members of Freie Universität! External users also have the opportunity to lend media at some library locations!

News from Dec 21, 2020

Currently, the following libraries are open for ordering, checking out, and returning library items with little physical contact:

Special Opening/Closure Time
University Library
(also open for external users)
Open since 01/04
Botanic Garden/Botanical Museum* (BGBM)
Open since 01/04
Campus Library Open since 01/04
(also open for external users)
Open since 01/04
Earth Sciences
(open Monday to Thursday – also for external users)
Open since 01/11
Friedrich Meinecke Institute/Art History Institute (FMI / KHI) Open since 01/05
JFK Institute for North American Studies
(also open for external users)
Open since 01/11
Law Library*
(also open for external users)
Open since 01/04
Meteorological Library
(open Wednesday and Thursday – also for external users)
Open since 01/13
Philological Library (Pick-up location: Campus Library) Open since 01/04
Social Sciences and East European Studies
(also open for external users)

Open since 01/11

Theater Studies Open since 01/06
Veterinary Library
(open Monday, Wednesday, Friday – also open for external users)
Open since 01/11

* = Special regulations apply to these library locations

Other libraries are scheduled to reopen in the near future.

In preparation, the University Library and the departmental libraries have taken steps to comply with hygiene regulations, building access limits, visitor traffic paths, and measures to ensure a minimum distance between people.

You can retrieve library items ready for pick-up at the appropriate location during the opening hours:
(ususally 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., for time differences see above)

Are all library services available for use?

  • Libraries are only providing lending services that can be offered with little physical contact.
  • Lending services with little physical contact are only available to members of Freie Universität Berlin (in the University Library and the Library of Economics also for external users).
  • Other library services such as reading rooms, open stacks, copy machines, scanners, and PC work stations are still off limits at most library locations. Details can be found on the pages of the relevant libraries.
  • A limited number of workplaces are available for FU members upon prior booking.

What do I need to do to get the library item I need?

  • All items must be ordered in advance using the Library Portal Primo. You will receive email notification when your items are ready for pick-up.
  • Please wait until you have received the pick-up notification for your items before you come to the library!
  • You can only pick up an item at the library where it is held. Other pick-up locations are not available.
  • Please wear a protective mask when you enter the library.
  • Please keep an appropriate distance between yourself and others. Only a limited number of people will be allowed to enter the library at a time.
  • Please try to limit your time in the library as much as possible.
  • Disinfectant will be provided.

What about library items that I have already checked out?

  • The lending period for checked-out items has been automatically extended so that you do not need to return them right away now that the libraries are reopening (unless it has been requested by another user, see below).
  • Before coming to the library please check your user account in the Library Portal Primo and verify the due dates for your items. If possible, go ahead and renew your items online.
  • The maximum lending period for items has been extended to one year.
  • You can still reserve items that are currently checked out by others. If someone reserves an item that you have checked out, you must return it by the new due date.

How do I return library items?

  • You can return library items at any of the library locations that are now open. Please use the book drops located at the libraries’ entrances.
  • Returns by post are also possible.

What other services are the libraries at Freie Universität offering at the moment?

  • Because of Christmal Holiday to January the libraries’ expanded digitization services is available until December 18, 4 p.m.
  • You can find more information about the expanded services due to the coronavirus pandemic here.

Please check the opening hours of the individual libraries.

If you have questions, please contact:

Email: auskunft@ub.fu-berlin.de, Telephone: (030) 838-511 11 (Information Center)
Email: ausleihe@ub.fu-berlin.de (Circulation)

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