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University Archive of the Freie Universität Berlin

Opening Hours

Mon–Thu 09:00–16:00
Fri 09:00–14:00

Please make an appointment.

Malteserstr. 74-100 HausL, EG
12249 Berlin

Public transport

Bus X83 ( → VBB-Fahrinfo)

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+49 30 838 4534 99
Library code
  • Users: open to the public
  • Terms of use: in house (appointment recommended)

Files of the FU Berlin, APO Archive, Robinsohn Archive, Remains

The archive of the Freie Universität Berlin collects documents pertaining to the University's management and administration, the various committees, the faculties, institutes and other bodies, as well as scientists' bequests. The archive also collects documentation material, photographs, audiovisual media, posters, pamphlets and museum objects, which are important for the University's history and present.

The archive includes the library of of Shaul and Hilde B. Robinsohn, which is searchable via the library portal Primo.