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AiS Mentees

Academics in Solidarity supports scholars who had to flee their home countries because of ongoing military conflicts and/or profound limitations to their academic freedom. Eligible applicants

  • are preferably researchers at the postdoc level
  • preferably shall not be resident outside of their home country for more than five years
  • are requested to provide sufficient evidence of their status as a refugee or as a scholar under serious threat (e.g. documents issued by host country, UNHCR or a credible third party)
  • are asked to document their potential for successful re-integration into academia (e.g., publications, teaching experience, academic positions, etc.)

In order to guarantee the safety of potential and current mentees, the application and mentoring process will be conducted anonymously. Academics in Solidarity also ensures that program administrators may be contacted on a strictly confidential basis.

As a mentee you benefit from:

  • academic counseling and career development advice
  • building and advancing your professional networks
  • insights into the academic work of your mentor
  • targeted training in acquiring research funding, publishing strategies and teaching portfolio development
  • opportunities for individual coaching in collaborative research project planning in tandem with your mentor or another mentee
  • the possibility of receiving small grants for attending conferences and organizing workshops
  • exchanging and sharing your experiences with other mentees

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please fill out this registration form and send it together with your academic CV and a copy of your PhD certificate (or equivalent) to ais@fu-berlin.de.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research