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P: Parkgebühren (Parking Fees) to PSP-Element (WBS Element)

Parkgebühren (Parking Fees)

Parking fees are generally only refundable if they are incurred during approved business trips or by contractual agreement. For further information, see FU Newsletter 7/2006 V (“Abrechnung von Dienstreisen” / “Settlement of Travel Expenses for Business Trips”).

See: Dienstkraftfahrzeuge (University Vehicles); Reisekosten (Travel Expenses); Werkvertrag (Contract for Work and Services)

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Pfand (Deposits for Returnable Bottles and Cans)

See: Leergut (Empty Returnable Bottles and Cans)

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PSP-Element (WBS Element)

At Freie Universität Berlin, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements are used to map cost objects in the cost and management accounting system.

See: Kontierungselemente (Account Assignment Elements)

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