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H: Hauptkasse (Cashier's Office) to Honorarvertrag (Fee-based Contract)

Hauptkasse (Cashier’s Office)

The Hauptkasse (Cashier’s Office) is the administrative unit of Freie Universität Berlin that is authorized to prepare and process payments. All cash and non-cash payment transactions are processed through the office (the only exceptions to this are the decentralized payment offices/payment receiving offices, the management of discretionary funds, and private expenses eligible for reimbursement).

Payment transactions have to be forwarded to the Hauptkasse via the accounting offices.

Cash checks may be collected and safe bags turned in during the office hours of the Cash Desk. In you have any questions, please contact the responsible unit.

See: Barscheck (Cash Checks); Safebag (Safe Bags); Zahlstellen (Payment Offices)

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Haushaltsjahr (Budget Year)

At Freie Universität Berlin, the budget year is identical to the calendar year.

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Haushaltsplan (Budget)

For the budget management of Freie Universität Berlin, the budget is the compilation of all estimated revenues, expenditures, commitments, staff positions, and other items for budget year. The budget is used to determine the estimated financing that will be required to perform the duties of Freie Universität Berlin during the authorization period. The budget is resolved by the University Management, adopted by the Board of Trustees, and approved by the Senate Department.

The following budgets can be downloaded here:

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Heinzelmännchen (Studenten- / Studierendenwerk) (Heinzelmännchen Employment Agency of the Berlin Student Union)

The HEINZELMÄNNCHEN employment agency is a facility of the Studierendenwerk Berlin (Berlin Student Union), a public-law institution. It publishes and manages job vacancies for students at Berlin’s universities and higher education institutions.

Many types of jobs are offered through the “Heinzelmännchen” agency. However, the agency cannot assign students to long-term jobs. Rather, the assignments are limited to short-term, temporary jobs that do not require a training period.

For example, the following types of jobs may be offered: archiving, care and supervision jobs, stocktaking/inventory, photocopying, distribution of publications, cleaning, clerical work, moving/transport jobs, events services, catering, hospitality jobs, and others.

For more information, please refer to the Newsletter H 3/2008.

See: Positiv-Negativ-Liste (Positive-Negative List); Werkverträge (Contracts for Work and Services)

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Hochschulsonderprogramme (Special Programs of the University)

See: Einstein-Stiftung (Einstein Foundation)

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Honorarverträge (Fee-based Contracts)

See: Werkverträge (Contracts for Work and Services)

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