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Position Management

Working Group II A 2 

This working group bears central responsibility for publishing all job postings (link to the form / Antrag) and for evaluating all job-related duties at Freie Universität. It also functions as the point of contact for the academic departments, decentralized institutions, and the central university administration on all fundamental and individual matters related to the management of jobs.

Overview of the tasks of Working Group II A 2:

1. Publishing job postings and implementation offers

2. Evaluating job-related duties:

              • Evaluating job-related duties in the case of externally funded hiring / postings, evaluation when new positions are created
              • Reviewing the evaluations of existing job-related duties
              • Deciding on requests for higher grouping
              • Reviewing work records
              • Reviewing requirements profiles (civil servants)

3. Individual matters related to the management of jobs

              • Managing the job file
              • Approving positions and funds in the non-budgeted personnel area
              • Managing the central reserve; implementation of special funding for position management purposes
              • Monitoring and implementing the structural plan of Freie Universität Berlin from the perspective of Position management
              • Checking and correcting section, title, and cost center combinations
              • Bonuses: reviewing and making decisions from a position management perspective on requests for payment of bonuses.