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Budgetary Planning and Management

Working Group II A 1

Working Group II A 1 is responsible for drafting the budgetary plan. It also functions as the point of contact for the academic departments, decentralized institutions, and the central university administration on all matters related to budgetary law and budgetary management practices. By preparing notes, circulars, and information sheets, it contributes to quality assurance in budgetary matters at Freie Universität Berlin, with these activities being completed by employee training offered at certain points.

For further information as well as info sheets, circulars, and a budget glossary, please see the “Service” section.

Tax Affairs

If you have any questions about wage and income tax, please contact the HR department.

Julia Grunwaldt

Administrative Staff

II A 1 - comm. Head of the working group, HS financial statistics, tax and customs matters

+49 30 838 664 21

Lisa Hannemann

Administrative Staff

II A 11 - Department Political and Social Sciences, ZIs OEI, JFK, LAI, ZUV Dept. I and II, ZUV General, PA, SPB, Staff Representatives, Data Protection Officer, KuM, Asset Accounting, Cash Audit, Maintenance of Appeals List

+49 30 838 587 86

Gesine Herber

Administrative Staff

II A 12 - Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, ZEs Student Counseling, Margherita-v.-Brentano Center, Language, DRS, AStA, ZUV Dept. V, Studierendenwerk, Fa. effektiv, special university programs (ch. 12), cash audit

Stephan Kemnitz

Administrative Staff

II A 13 - Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, ZUV Dept. III, ZUV Dept. IV, ZUV Dept. VI, Support WB-Workflow

+49 30 838 555 35

Stefanie Waller-Braun

Administrative Staff

II A 14 - Representation of the head of the working group, ZE BGBM, German scholarship, reports according to the notification regulation, intra-trade statistics, tax and customs matters

+49 30 838 759 76

Michael Hierl

Administrative Staff

II A 15 - Dept. of History and Cultural Studies, ZE University Sports, Notification Ordinance, Intra-Community Trade Statistics, Tax and Customs Matters

+49 30 838 522 03

Nancy Wahlich

Administrative Staff

II A 17 - Departments of Philosophy and Humanities, Education and Psychology, ZE DSE, RA, eAS, ZEDAT, Library Systems, Central Memberships, Artists' Social Contribution

+49 30 838 533 06

Sarah Thiele

Administrative Staff

II A 01 - Department of Veterinary Medicine

+49 30 838 670 20

Christian Schramm

Administrative Staff

II A 02 - Departments of Law, Economics, Geosciences

+49 30 838 756 90

Katharina Paris

Administrative Staff

II A 1 T - Trainee, substitute for II A 12, support of the tax team

+49 30 838 709 98