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The University Library, the departmental libraries, the University Archive, and the Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) together comprise Freie Universität’s libraries. They work together to create spaces of knowledge at Freie Universität Berlin, enabling outstanding research and excellent teaching, and offering a supportive environment for students.

The libraries offer analogue and digital means of communicating and meeting with others and provide reliable and safe access to data, information, and knowledge. Facilities offered by Freie Universität’s libraries include:

  • access to 7 million printed materials and half a million electronic media (e-books, journals, databases, videos, etc.)

  • 2,400 individual and group work spaces on campus

  • comprehensive support for those wishing to use digital media and technologies in teaching and research

  • the provision of central systems such as the Content Management System (CMS), the learning platform Blackboard, Freie Universität blogs and wikis, the institutional repository, and software solutions for independent open access publications

  • an extensive archive repository giving access to the history of Freie Universität as documented in sources held at the University Archive.


Garystr.39 (main entrance)
Ihnestr.28 (side entrance)
14195 Berlin
Opening hours

Email: auskunft@ub.fu-berlin.de (Information Center), ausleihe@ub.fu-berlin.de (Circulation)
Phone: (030) 838 – 511 11 (Information Center), - 522 65 (Circulation)