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Filming at Freie Universität

Representatives of the media require official approval from Freie Universität, which has the right to make and enforce house rules (Hausrecht), to film or take photographs on the grounds and in all the buildings of Freie Universität.

Approval to Film and/or Take Photographs

TV journalists can request approval from the Office of News and Public Affairs by e-mail. No particular form is required for this, and approval is generally granted, even being granted quickly in the case of current topics. In the case of extensive film or video recordings or advertising films, however, more lead time must be scheduled for internal coordination.

House Rules (Hausrecht) and the Right to Assembly

In principle, the university has the right to make and enforce house rules (Hausrecht) and can thus deny access to its buildings and grounds. However, under freedom of assembly, representatives of the press – unlike other groups – cannot be excluded from public assemblies in principle. Section 6 (2) of the Assembly Act (Versammlungsgesetz) grants journalists free access to public assemblies taking place in closed rooms (events that serve the formation of public opinion or expression of opinions) so that they can comply with their duty to provide information vis-à-vis the public.

Our Recommendation

Journalists must present their valid press identification or other documentation (accreditation). The event organizer is permitted to demand and check this documentation. For various reasons, including for your planning purposes, you should ask journalists to register (provide accreditation) before an event. This information should state the journalist’s name and the editorial contact details. At the event site, compare the registrations against the journalists who arrive for the event, and set out an additional list where journalists who are not registered can sign in.