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Check Articles and Authorize Quotes

Like all persons, scientists, scholars, and researchers have the fundamental right to determine for themselves how their own person is presented to others. However, you have no claim to having the full piece (or individual quotes) presented before publication.

Authorization of Quotes

Your personal rights include the right not to be misquoted. However, journalists are not required to present quotes that are intended for publication as such to interviewees except if this has been agreed beforehand (preferably in writing, such as by e-mail). The option of a contractual agreement, for example for a comprehensive TV documentary, should be weighed against the scope and importance of the piece, how current the topic is, the time pressure associated with it. With or without authorization of quotes, what is said can be paraphrased or stated indirectly in the article, interpreted differently, and published that way.

Recording an Interview

Sound recordings without the prior consent of the interviewees are not allowed. The journalist has to obtain your consent beforehand. If the journalist does not bring up this point, be sure to clarify it before an interview if you have any doubts.

Our Recommendation

Offer to journalists to review the planned print, radio, or TV piece for factual (subject-specific) accuracy (and nothing else) before publication. Like you, journalists also have an interest in ensuring that no false facts are asserted under their name.