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Guidelines and Legal Aspects regarding Media Relations and Public Relations Work

What should scientists, scholars, and researchers bear in mind when they receive inquiries from journalists or address the public themselves? What must be borne in mind when using texts, photos, and other visual depictions for your website or print publications? What internal specifications play a role in the production of publications or social media?

Here you get a general overview of the main legal foundations that are relevant in your daily work in the area of public relations.

Please note: This internal guide offers a general overview only. In certain situations, there may be a conflict between factors such as existing rights, and it may be necessary to obtain an expert assessment of the specific legal situation. This guide is not a substitute for legal advice, and each case must be reviewed individually from a legal standpoint in case of doubt. If you have questions, you may address them to the Office of News and Public Affairs or the Office of the General Counsel of Freie Universität.