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Finding Suitable Photos

  • The Office of News and Public Affairs of Freie Universität has an extensive archive of images and is happy to provide individual images upon request.
  • Your outward image will seem more authentic if, instead of symbolic photos, you use pictures of your actual institution or the relevant scientists, researchers, and scholars involved and their research or the event in question. If you or your team colleagues do not have suitable photos, you can commission a photographer. The Office of News and Public Affairs will be happy is provide a contact list.
  • If there are no pictures available and you do not want to hire a photographer, you can search online databases of picture agencies for suitable images. There are various providers across different price segments. Well-known agencies include photocase, fotolia, istockphoto, or flickr.
  • You can also find free pictures that have been published under a so-called Creative Commons license through CC Search, the search engine of creativecommons.org.

When selecting and using images, be sure to observe the guidlelines under copyright and personal rights.