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Taking and Using Your Own Pictures

If you take your own pictures, you need to observe the subjects’ personal rights.

  • In a lecture hall (see “personal rights”), announce that you will be taking pictures and give people the opportunity to leave the room.
  • If you do not have their consent, the persons depicted must be rendered unrecognizable (e.g., by blurring, etc.).

  • Make an entry in the file information for archival purposes so that the author, image subject, and date of the photograph can also be viewed later.

  • Please obtain the consent of the persons depicted. Clarify in advance whether these photos can also be used for advertising purposes (brochures), online, or on social networks such as Facebook.

  • Even if you are using your own photographs, the photographer must be cited when they are published online or in print publications (even if you are using photographs from a private collection, the photographer’s consent and an attribution are required).