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What should I consider when publishing images and illustrations in the Content Management System?

Bildquellen-Nennung bei Teaserlisten auf www.fu-berlin.de

Image credit lines in teaser lists on www.fu-berlin.de
Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin

For information about importing images and photos in the content management system, please refer to the CMS Online Handbook published here.

General Notes to Editors

  • Please always enter the title (image description) as well as the image source (photographer) for all imported images. In the central and decentral websites of Freie Universität, the image sources are displayed consistently. Not including this information would make a breach of copyright visible.
  • Name the images and all the other folders and documents in the content management system so that the files can be found easily and quickly both internally and through search engines. Short keywords should reflect the content.
  • Separate individual terms with a minus sign (-) and not with an underline (_).
  • When assigning a file name, always use lowercase characters and do not use umlauts or the German double S (ß).