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Using Photos from Photo Agencies

If there are no pictures available and you do not want to hire a photographer, you can search online databases of picture agencies for suitable images. There are various providers across different price segments. Upon request the Office of News and Public Affairs can provide you with information.

  • Please be sure to observe the specific citation format required by the provider. The citation typically includes the agency name and the name of the photographer.
  • Clarify in advance whether online use is subject to special rules. The citation format for online use may vary from that used in print products. It may be necessary to link the source with the provider’s page.
  • In most cases, images purchased for print products can be used online as well for little or no extra charge. It is therefore recommended that this be clarified before you buy the images, with an eye to added value.
  • When working with most photo agencies, “credits” must be obtained first. These can also be ordered in exchange for presentation of an invoice.