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Publications by the Office of News and Public Affairs

We do not only encourage the media to report on Freie Universität, but we also release several of our own news publications.

Topics for Journalists

In addition to press releases, we offer Topics for Journalists – a monthly selection of newsworthy contributions, features, and background reports – as a reference and stimulus for journalists’ own articles.

Tagesspiegel Supplement

We report to the public six times a year with our supplement in the nationwide newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. We use this format to present new research results and portray outstanding scholars and scientists at Freie Universität, as well as to show trends and provide information about events concerning academic policy.

Please keep us up-to-date with news from your research areas so that we can find the right way to communicate your news to the media and the public.

fundiert Research Magazine

The research magazine fundiert is published biannually in German by Freie Universität. Each issue is devoted to a particular theme. Various aspects of the theme are covered, based on research conducted in different departments at Freie Universität. The individual chapters are written partly by freelance journalists or experienced press officers, and some are written by the researchers themselves.

campus.leben Online Magazine

The online magazine campus.leben of Freie Universität posts news stories daily. News and background reports, information about services, dates and deadlines, as well as stories from everyday life at the university can all be found here. There is an RSS Feed available for the individual articles.

The campus.leben editorial team (Tel.: 838-73191) welcomes suggestions for articles about the university.

Entry in the Calendar of Events of Freie Universität

We have a central calendar of events, which gives an overview of all public events at Freie Universität. Please inform us in advance, if you have public events that you wish to include in general events calendar. We are also happy to draft a press release about events featuring major news or public figures.