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Presentations and Informational Material

We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation giving an impression of the profile of Freie Universität Berlin that you can use for lectures, trips, or visits. You are welcome to select the slides appropriate for your purposes, or to create additional slides. There are two versions available, one in German and one in English. Since the template is updated at irregular intervals, we suggest that you download it again, each time you wish to use it. The files are available with the computer network of Freie Universität.

German Presentation, January 2020 (ca. 11 MB)

English Presentation, January 2020 (ca. 14 MB)

Open templates for presentations can be found within the computer network of Freie Universität on our Corporate Design website.

Informational Material for Conferences and Visitors

Will you be attending a conference, or are you expecting visitors, and need informational material about Freie Universität Berlin? Take advantage of ordering the Short Portrait of Freie Universität or other publications. Our short movie presents Freie Universität’s history and profile. The videos are available in German, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Please direct all your inquiries to the Office of News and Public Affairs. We look forward to helping you!