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Service for Web Content Editors

Einloggen im zentralen Content-Management-System

Login page of the central content management system
Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin

Editors in the Office of News and Public Affairs of Freie Universität offer advice about creating websites and using social media in press and public relations work.


Once you have successfully completed the training for using the content management system to keep your website up-to-date, you may still have inquiries or need advice.

If you are a web content editor and have questions about

Social Media

Are you planning an official social media presence for communicating directly with your target groups? A simple set of rules explains the responsibilities when communicating on the social web and helps you to reduce the risks in using social media.

The basic rules of Freie Universität for using social media delineate the responsibilities of central and decentral institutions at Freie Universität that must be observed in connection with an official presence in the social web. The guidelines of Freie Universität are intended to give members of the university some guidance about the official use of the social web and provide general information about social web etiquette.

Through special workshops we help you optimize the potential of social media in the context of public relations.

More information on the official use of social media can be found on the social media topic page.