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Research Aids

Many individuals and projects at Freie Universität deal with internationality on a daily basis. And the university archive is a veritable treasure trove for old film material and photographs. Here are some topics, contact persons, and sources of information points that you can use for your video or request an interview:

Worldwide exchange |

Worldwide exchange |
Image Credit: Lena Pflüger

University Archives of Freie Universität

The staff of the University Archives of Freie Universität have compiled a small selection of video and audio material on internationality that you can use for your video. They are also available to answer questions.

Contact: Birgit Rehse and Josepha Schwerma, Email: archiv@fu-berlin.de



International Club

The International Club is a group of students dedicated to internationalization at Freie Universität. Its members organize Stammtisch, field trips, and other activities for international students at Freie Universität.

Contact: international.club@fu-berlin.de

Liaison Offices

Freie Universität Berlin has seven Liaison Offices in different parts of the world:

Division of International Affairs

The Division of International Affairs is in charge of organizing exchange programs, scholarships, and mobility programs and for looking after guests from abroad. It is the central point of contact for both students and researchers planning a stay abroad as well as those from other countries who would like to come to Freie Universität to study or do research.

Contact: Herbert Grieshop, Director, Division of International Affairs, Email: herbert.grieshop@fu-berlin.de

Center for International Cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) is responsible for strengthening and expanding the international research and academic network of Freie Universität. CIC staff members cultivate and enhance the local and international networks of the university, support international conferences and workshops, and sustain strategic partnership with selected universities worldwide.

Contact: Herbert Grieshop, Director, CIC, Email: herbert.grieshop@fu-berlin.de

Strategic Partnerships

The establishment of strategic partnerships with leading research universities worldwide is an important cornerstone of the internationalization strategy of Freie Universität Berlin. The goal of this type of partnership is comprehensive networking and cooperation at all levels of the university. The selection of strategic partners takes into account the diversity and intensity of existing contacts as well as the potential for future cooperation.

So far, strategic partnerships have been set up with six leading universities:

Student Exchange

For students at Freie Universität, there are numerous opportunities to go abroad as part of their studies, an internship, or to do their own empirical research.

Contact: Gesa Heym-Halayqa, Email: gesa.heym-halayqa@fu-berlin.de

Staff Going Abroad

For teaching and non-teaching staff there are various opportunities to get support to go abroad for training, further education, or language courses.