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Audience Award

Your vote decides: Which video wins the Audience Award?

There are fourteen videos in the competition to choose from. And they are as varied as the topic “70 Years of Internationality at Freie Universität” itself – thoughtful and funny, entertaining and artistic. Now it's up to you to choose the audience’s darling! Until Sunday,October 28, 2018 you can cast your vote and here is how:

There are different ways:

On the official YouTube channel of Freie Universität: you can watch the videos, click on "Like" and comment. Every view on YouTube counts as one vote, every "Like" as two and every positive comment as three votes. To rate or comment on a YouTube video you need a Google Account.

If you don't have a Google Account or don't want to use it, you can also view the videos here and vote via email. Just send us a message to socialmedia@fu-berlin.de with the complete (!) name of your favorite video in the subject line. We also consider this to be two votes.

The video with the most votes wins the audience award: a surprise worth 230 Euro.

The voting will take place from Monday, October  22, 9 am to Sunday, October 28 , 12 am.

The winning videos will be announced on November 5.

And now: have fun!