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Video Contest: Diversity at Freie Universität

Whether in the classroom, the laboratory, or the cafeteria, diversity can be found everywhere on campus. At the university people with different backgrounds get together: they explore, discuss, and collaborate on numerous research topics – from artificial skin models to European policy or theories of Greek philosophers. Everyone’s experiences are different, from the way they travel to campus, their favorite places on campus, activities outside the classroom, jobs, volunteer work, and so on.

Thank you for submitting your videos to our video contest "Diversity at Freie Universität"! Congratulations to all the winners!


A four-member jury judged the videos and nominated the top three winners. They also pre-selected the videos for the audience choice award. All four of the winning films can be viewed on the German page.

Again, we thank everyone who participated by submitting a video or by helping select the audience choice winner!

You can read about the reasons behind the selections in campus.leben (in German).

The official award ceremony will take place on December 6 as part of the Ernst Reuter Day, when the university celebrates its founding day. The four films will be shown on a large screen in the auditorium.

All of the awards that will be presented to the winners that day are being donated by the Ernst Reuter Society of Alumni, Friends, and Supporters of Freie Universität.