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Netiquette for the Central Social Media Channels of Freie Universität Berlin

We welcome you to the official social media channels of Freie Universität Berlin and look forward to your comments and contributions to a fair dialogue. Our channels should be fun. We are happy to receive constructive criticism, but the tone should always be respectful. This works best if you keep in mind that you are dealing with actual human beings, not virtual beings. Comments should be related to the topic of the original post. They should be objective and inoffensive.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • racist, extremist, pornographic, or insulting comments or comments that damage a person’s reputation or hurt business;
  • calls for violence against persons, institutions, or companies;
  • threats of any kind;
  • unfounded accusations and suspicions, as well as comments that attempt to stir up emotions for or against a person or group of people;
  • the publication of addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers;
  • the publication of private correspondence (letters, emails, etc.);
  • long quotations without the express permission of the copyright holder (e.g. complete articles copied into a comment);
  • misuse of the commentary function as advertising space for websites or services (spamming);
  • commercial or private offers for goods and services.

We reserve the right to hide or delete comments and postings that have illegal content or contain any of the content listed above. We also reserve the right to make changes and additions to these netiquette guidelines.

Please also note the respective terms of use for the individual social media platforms.