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Get Involved: Internationalization Strategy

News from Jun 03, 2020

Dear colleagues,

By going online with the International Week 2020, we are sending a clear signal: Thinking and acting across borders are unwavering parts of Freie Universität Berlin’s profile and are integrated into our daily work in research, teaching, and administration. Precisely because international research partnerships, student mobility, and supranational cooperation are currently facing an uncertain future, we, as the International Network University, would like to use our International Week to reflect with you on the future of internationalization.

The current internationalization strategy of Freie Universität Berlin expires at the end of this year – and we would like to work with you on its continuation. What are your wishes for international measures at our university? What is going particularly well and should be maintained? Where do you see gaps? What do we still need to work on? What grabs your attention – maybe just recently during the digital semester, maybe during International Week?

Write to us – all ideas, no matter how small, are welcome – at idee@international.fu-berlin.de. We are happy to receive your suggestions and thoughts, your praise, your criticism, your concerns, and your experiences. And don’t worry: we are not a letterbox company! We will handle all of your contributions with care and discuss them in internal workshops at the university, starting this August, with members from across the university’s different groups. Our goal is to arrive at a first draft of a new internationalization strategy hopefully by the beginning of October. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in one of these workshops.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange with you and always have an open ear for your thoughts on internationalization topics!

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