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CfA: Classics Colloquium - Slavery: Antiquity and Modernity in Dialogue

Colloquium on February 11-12, 2021; Application deadline: January 22, 2021 (extended!)

News from Nov 11, 2020

The question of slaves is difficult in every way. - Plato
This online EUROPAEUM Classics Colloquium – the 18th in our series – will explore various aspects of ancient slavery and will take place on February 11-12, 2021 in virtual format (Zoom). During the colloquium, we will be looking at core aspects of slavery - matters that are still at the very heart of human interest.
The objective of the Colloquium is to examine ancient slavery in all its manifestations from different perspectives and with a wide range of research methods. The colloquium will bring together leading international researchers and scholars including Professor Nino Luraghi (Oxford University), Professor Edith Hall (King's College, London) and Dr Myles Lavan (University of St Andrews). New methodologies and previously untapped sources will be explored, discussing and examining variation within the ancient word. We will look at how often were slaves freed and why, and study how important is manumission to our understanding of slavery. To have a full understanding of the political, social and economic dimensions of ancient slavery, the colloquium would be also looking in depth at slavery as a form of trade.
We welcome applications from master’s and doctoral students from within the EUROPAEUM  network. Applicants are invited to give a paper and contributions are equally welcome from historians of slavery and from scholars with an interest in slave/unfree agency and participation. Presentations will be grouped into three thematical panel and they should be between 15 and 20 minutes. Participants will be invited to comment on others’ work. We also welcome applications from students who wish to participate without giving a paper.
Applications should include the EUROPAEUM application form, a brief CV, and a short abstract of the proposed paper (up to 500 words, if applicable).
More information about how to apply: https://europaeum.org/opportunities/apply-for-a-europaeum-event/
Deadline for submission of applications and abstracts: 11 December 2020
Deadline for final papers: 22 January 2021.
All submission should be sent to euroinfo@europaeum.ox.ac.uk

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