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Delegation visit of the University of Helsinki at Freie Universität Berlin

An opportunity for collegial exchange.

Apr 20, 2022

Group picture from the delegation visit of the University of Helsinki to FU Berlin in early April 2022.

Group picture from the delegation visit of the University of Helsinki to FU Berlin in early April 2022.
Image Credit: Stefan Rummel

On April 7 and 8, 2022, the Rectorate of the University of Helsinki visited Freie Universität Berlin. Rector Prof. Sari Lindblom was accompanied by a vice rector, three vice rectors, and the chancellor of the university.

The reason for the visit was the new composition of the rectorate. The trip served both as an opportunity to get to know the members of the rectorate among themselves and as a collegial exchange with the executive board at Freie Universität. The two universities have been partner universities for many years and are connected through numerous networks and Erasmus programs, such as the European University Alliance Una Europa.

The delegation from Helsinki was particularly interested in Freie Universität Berlin's activities within the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) and was impressed by the joint structures that have already been created within BUA.

Other topics included regional research cooperation, internationalization, and sustainability – all issues that concern both universities and that currently play an important role in university development. The presentation of the Cluster of Excellence "Scripts" was of great interest to the visitors as well, because the current events in particular have shown the relevance of the cluster's research for understanding current political events and allowing the university to have a direct impact on society.

Everyone is already looking forward to a return visit from Freie Universität Berlin, as it will host a major meeting in Helsinki as part of the Una Europa university alliance in June 2022.

"We will follow up on the talks here and also discuss and develop topics together within the University Alliance, such as sustainability on campus and in the curriculum, but also multilingualism," said Dr. Herbert Grieshop, head of the International Affairs Division at FU Berlin.