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Teaching in Exile: Transnational Experiences in the Digital Age

Academics in Solidarity’s 3rd annual conference will take place on 18-19 November 2021 online.

Nov 12, 2021

Teaching in Exile

Teaching in Exile
Image Credit: Academics in Solidarity

Academics in Solidarity has the great pleasure to announce its 3rd  annual conference on Teaching in Exile: Transnational Experiences in the Digital Age that will take place on 18-19 November 2021 online.

Teaching in Exile wishes to highlight the complex assemblage of opportunities and challenges in the field of knowledge transfer by focusing on different teaching experiences of scholars and initiatives internationally, especially those in exile. The ambition to connect scientific knowledge across disciplines and borders has altered the way the field of teaching is conceptualized and practiced: Although transnational networks, multi-language courses and digital tools have considerably changed the face of teaching in academia and provide new opportunities for teaching, restrictions to academic freedom or differential access to lectureships still pose challenges to how teaching is lived today. 

Teaching in Exile sheds light on these issues by gathering voices of scholars like Shahram Khosravi (Stockholm), Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez (Gießen),Yasemin Karakaşoğlu (Bremen), Betül Yarar (Bremen), Wendy Shaw (Berlin) and features representatives of initiatives like Miral El (neue deutsche organisationen), Achim Rohde (Academy in Exile), Aysuda Kölemen (Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative), Tuba İnal-Çekiç (Off University), or Tomasz Kitliński (New University in Exile Consortium, AiE, IIE-SRF). The conference also presents a special interview with Grimme Online Award Winner Niklas Kolorz on the communication of scientific content on social media.

A digital fair and different workshops will provide ample opportunities for participation and exchange and open the doors for networking and exploring the future of teaching inside and outside the university. Eight international scholars will present initiatives in teaching on the platform trember during the digital fair. Three workshops lead by Asli Telli Telli Aydemir, Çağla Diner, Ertuğ Tombuş, Oleg Troyanovsky, Dmitry Dubrovsky, Florian Kohstall, Heike Pantelmann and Achim Rohde will delve into issues of internationalization, teaching in exile and academic freedom more deeply. The closing event is a poetic recording by renowned lyricist and poetry slammer Dominique Macri.

To attend the conference, please register on our website here. For more information, including the program of the conference, please visit our conference website www.teaching-in-exile.de